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Towns In Hendricks County. 5 Miles outside Indianapolis Indiana is the town of Plainfield. In 1822 a tract of land which included the area now known as Plainfield was obtained by Jeremiah Hadley of Preble County, Ohio. Ten years later he sold it to his son, Elias Hadley. Levi Jessup and Elias Hadley laid out the town in 1839.

Plainfield has long been associated with the national road, U.S. Route 40, which goes through town as “Main Street.” One incident which brought Plainfield national attention occurred in 1842 when President Martin Van Buren was spilled deliberately from his stage coach into the thick mud of the highway. The practical joke came as a result of Van Buren’s vetoing a bill from Congress to improve the highway, a move which angered Western settlers. When Van Buren came through Plainfield on a swing to shore up his popularity for the 1844 election, a group of perpetrators set up the incident. The elm tree whose roots caused the president’s carriage to topple became known as the Van Buren Elm. An elementary school near this site is named Van Buren Elementary School.

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Danville Indiana is located in the center of Hendricks County (where it is the county seat) and is about 20 miles west of Indianapolis Indiana. The Danville community has been growing rapidly thanks to the major effort to revitalize downtown Danville and promote economic growth by attracting new businesses to the area and is home of the famous MayBerry Cafe known for it’s healthy portions and quality of food.

Danville hosts several events throughout the year. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra has concerts at the Ellis Park Amphitheater during the summer months. The Fun “Feast’ival” is an annual event featuring music, entertainment, and great food. A Farmers Market and an Antique Festival are held in the summer and fall months. The Heartland Applefest is sponsored by Beasley Orchard in October.

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Avon Indiana is a charming suburb of Indianapolis Indiana, less than ten miles due west of the Circle City in Central Indiana. As a satellite city, Avon has all the benefits of a tranquil small town with a big city right at its fingertips. With a population of 7,000, the town continues to grow and prosper, and its inhabitants continue to enjoy the process.

Geography and Population of Avon, Indiana avon, Indiana is situated only 13 miles due west of downtown Indianapolis, making it one of the more attractive Indy suburbs. Indeed, it is experiencing a population explosion, second only to few towns and cities in the nation.
The town occupies an area of only 6.4 square miles, and is expected to reach a population count of 20,000 by 2010. That number represents more than twice as many residents as the latest census estimate in 2005.

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